"We bring the planetarium to you!"

Smart boards are now a thing of the past, with digital education content leaping into the future through Immersive Technology (Dome Theatre, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality). This close-to-reality experience helps kids remember the learning, not only because they have seen but also experienced it.

Whether the hustle and bustle in routine life & traffic woes in the major cities, or the lack of facilities in the  smaller towns or the absence of variety and updation in existing set-ups, planetarium visits are no longer popular  a challenge.

ImmersEd provides kids with a stellar experience through its state-of-the-art ultra HD video and sound portable dome theatre or planetarium.



  • Launch your students into the world of Immersive Learning
  • Kindle their curiosity and imagination
  • 24 up to date documentaries and films
  • Age appropriate content
  • Save time, travel and money


  • HD and D video capability
  • 1 HD surround sound
  • 60 kids per session
  • 500 kids per day
  • 1 class hour each session


  • Indoor facility (20ft X 30ft with 12ft roof)
  • Electricity
  • Power Backup