Space Quest

"Space Quest is an activity based Space and Earth science program"

Taking a cue from various Government initiatives around the world, private players have jumped into the fray, making space travel a multi-billion dollar industry. With the vast progress in space research and rapid strides in commercial space travel, the need for physicists,  astrophysicists and scientific researchers etc has increased and statistically, our country has shown fewer students picking these fields of study.

Space Quest, with its fun "Do It Yourself" (DYI) activities, introduces the passion for  sciences and research, making space and earth science fun for kids of all ages


Indian Science Education Status:

  • Country’s science establishments find itself starved of manpower and quality
  • School science leaves majority of the students bored - thus fails in its aim of producing scientists
  • STEM - neither engineering nor technology part of regular curriculum of pedagogy in science education
  • Science content and method of teaching-learning processes not current
  • Teaching-learning processes are not child-centred and activity oriented
  • School learning not closer to child’s familiarity with everyday world

Our Program

  • Fun-filled hands-on activity based learning
  • Interactive audio-visual teaching
  • Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) training methodology
  • Indoor and outdoor projects
  • Organized curriculum with age-appropriate modules for Grades V-VIII
  • Learning closer to child’s familiarity with the world
  • Learning beyond classroom generates self-interest & curiosity in the sciences


  • One class per week recommended
  • Space to conduct activities 
  • Space to store materials
  • AV facility in the classroom