Digital Literacy

Train students on aspects of so that they know how to protect themselves, use internet judiciously, avoid cyberbullying, know rights & responsibilities, etc

How does it help in well-being? As more and more time is spent online, predators in the form of cyberbullies, spammers, viruses, etc can play havoc in anybody’s life. By being knowledgeable and being a good digital citizen, students not only protect themselves but helps them in their emotional well-being

How does it help in Learning & Performance? Being a digital literate is becoming a compulsory skill in anybody’s arsenal which in turn helps in learning new things and performing better

Key Skills

Digital footprint:

Tracing your steps & knowing imprint produced online


Avoiding predators and bullying online

Online privacy:

Protecting citizen’s information, reputation & rights

Digital Security:

Securely accessing content that is private and in transactions

Social media:

Online platforms where individuals and communities create and share content

Digital law:

Plagiarism, copyrights, use of public resources

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