Emotional Skills

Managing Emotions includes skills for increasing control of our emotions, anger and stress

How does it help in well-being? Emotions and well-being of the individual are deeply connected. Controlling emotions helps in being more optimistic, productive, effective in life and will encounter less problems with behaviour, relationships, stress, anger, peer pressure, etc.

How does it help in Learning & Performance? Emotions play a big role in learning as well as sustaining good performance and improving it further. Happiness leads to positive mindset, less stress thereby in a better frame of mind to learn, focus, concentrate and perform better.

Key Skills

Anger Management:

Dealing with anger & finding out ways to control it

Negative feelings:

How to avoid or deal with feelings that are negative?

Overcoming barriers:

Overcoming external and internal factors to handle situations

Peer pressure:

But how to handle negative peer pressure?

Handling failures:

How to deal with failures when they happen?

Change management:

How do we deal with constant changes?

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