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"The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change" - Heraclitus

Introducing Champ360 – a program that brings teachers and parents together to nurture students & create a positive environment.

Given today's global and "smart" world, we all wish that each of our students strives for more than just academic performance and that each of them evolves into a holistic individual, empowered with a 360* skill set in their arsenal - to optimise academics, health, fitness and personality to emerge a LIFE CHAMPION!

Handcrafted by the finest minds in Psychology, Education, Fitness and Nutrition, along with a touch of skill development, training and creative arts, the Champ360 program unearths the student's inner potential, laying a strong foundation for personal & professional success!




21st Century skills
Improved academic performance
Holistic development
Teacher development
Mentoring and Coaching



Personality pro­file
Peer learning
Positive thinking
Situational adaptability
Short & long term goals
Fun activity sessions



Parent-child bonding
Better understanding of child
Parenting workshops
Potential realization
Social skills
Emotional stability