Skill + Well-being = Personal & Professional Success
Assess & Skill your Child for Holistic Development
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Gooru’s Navigator  platform will be used by Qatapultt to train Teachers and provide activity-based content to help their students achieve mastery. In addition, it will help Qatapultt to provide individualized learning in the areas of Life Skills, Physical Activity, Health along with other 21st century skills for student’s personal and professional success.

Gyan Prakash Foundation’s (GPF) curated NCERT based Mathematics and Science content for classes I-X will be integrated as part of the overall offering.

Category Specific Programs

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Personal Organization

Improvement of the SELF

Qatapultt - Life Skills

Social Skills

Enhance your social intelligence


Emotional Skills

Balance your emotions


Financial literacy

Money & Finance literate


Digital Literacy

Be a digital citizen


Thinking Skills

Holistic thinking Skills


Leadership & Communication

Be a Communicative Leader


Study skills

Skills for better academic performance

Key benefits with Qatapultt

360* holistic learning

Comprehensive development of Skills & Well-being

1 on 1 mentoring

All students will be mentored 1 on 1 by qualified mentors

Physical activity & Health

All programs include physical activity/exercise for better health

Minimum Guarantee

At least 10% improvement in skills & learning

Minimum screen time

Care for minimum screen time & offline creative activities/projects

Long term value

Skills learnt today will be used for Life

Short Term Programs

using-samr-method-school-technology-audit Reduced

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Program helps Children learn about Online Safety & Privacy, Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Cyberbullying, etc.

  • Duration – 1 Month
  • Online Class with Offline Activities
  • Class 6 & Above Students 

₹ 1000

₹ 600

Financial-1-scaled Reduced

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Program helps children to develop financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.

  • Duration – 1 Month
  • Online Class with Offline Activities
  • Class 6 & Above Students 

₹ 1000

₹ 600

Long Term Programs

Champ 360

Beyond academics, Life skills and overall well-being has become very important as children need to Constantly Adapt to situations, Be Healthy & Active Show Emotional strength & Resiliency, etc

  • Duration – 3 Months
  • Online Class with Offline Activities
  • Class 3 & Above Students

₹ 5000

₹ 3,600

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