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Years of Service

About Qatapultt

Qatapultt and its founders have been imparting various activity based programs such as life skills, space and earth science programs for the past 6 years. A set of dedicated trainers is deputed to each educational institution to impart training on various topics through their academic year. Apart from its trainers, Qatapultt also taps on the practical experience of industry veterans and advisors, who have spent more than 25 years in various capacities, including senior level positions. The wealth of such experience, combined with the energy of its vibrant trainers has ensured great success to Qatapultt.



Testimonial 1

The children have made a number of people stop smoking and I think they have fully understood the effects of substance abuse


Testimonial 5

The program has given me self-confidence and courage to handle any situation or crisis in my daily life.

Class VII

Testimonial 7

My daughter Sheeba participated in the assembly activities, after she learnt inner and outer planets from your program. Thank you.


Testimonial 4

I have managed to control my anger and I am helping my mother to control hers.

Class IX

Testimonial 6

I had a fear of speaking to my teacher in the class. The module on ‘overcoming fear’ taught in soft skills class helped me overcome this fear through techniques like… Read more “Testimonial 6”

Santosh Kumar
Class VIII

Testimonial 8

My son had a heart-to-heart talk with my husband and asked him to stop smoking and instead chew beetle nut. Thank you for teaching him.


Testimonial 3

I could really sense the increase in my children’s EQ and SQ levels. The program has been very helpful and effective.


Testimonial 2

I see some positive changes in the childrens’ attitudes, I was very happy to see their involvement in the skit ‘SHARING & CARING’…