Personal Organization

Organizing Self is key to a good daily life

How does it help in well-being? When one does things on time, has confidence in their abilities, maintains a positive attitude leading to a better health and well-being

How does it help in Learning & Performance? Setting goals, achieving it gives confidence. Coupled with other skills such as time management, focus, concentration improves learning outcomes and performance

Key Skills


Maintaining own discipline balances time, habits

Punctuality & Timeliness:

Being punctual and on time helps in being professional and a trustworthy individual

Positive habits:

Good positive habits helps in health, body and mind

Needs vs Wants:

Differentiating between individual needs and wants helps in financial & non-financial matters

Patience & Perseverance:

One doesn’t want to easily give up. Persisting and being patient helps to succeed

Goal setting:

In order to achieve anything, it is better to set specific goals so that there is focus on achieving it

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