Social Skills

Social or Relationship Skills are used to interact and communicate with different sets of people.

Relationship to well-being: Relationships help in getting support from friends/family during tough times. It also helps in sharing one’s success and dealing with failures.

Lack of Social skills results in behaviourial problems, ability to interact with people, negative attitude, isolation and depression (worst-case scenario)

Relationship to Learning & Performance: Having healthy relationships with friends, peers, family and others opens up opportunities to learn from different sets of people with diverse backgrounds & experiences. This also opens up avenues to seek help when required.

Key Skills

Positive Attitude:

Having a positive attitude can help in being happy

Team work:

Working together as a team accomplishes more with efficiency

Bridging Generation gap:

Understanding between the young and the old from different generations

Healthy relationships:

Healthy relationships help in connection & support

Competitive spirit:

How one can be competitive but still be friends and support

Conflict resolution:

Resolving conflicts amicably, ethically and professionally

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