Study Skills

It is necessary that students learn how to study, strategies for taking exams, style of learning, balancing their time, set goals, pursue other interests/hobbies, etc. This will essentially boost their performance and produce results

How does it help in well-being? Study skills helps in being smarter and balanced in the approach to learning and studies thereby improves overall well-being so that one doesn’t get stressed out

How does it help in Learning & Performance? All these skills are complementary to the technical subjects and augments the student’s learning process and performance

Key Skills

Goals & Time management:

Setting achievable goals and balancing time for various activities ensures success

Learning styles:

Understand different styles of learning and suit the student’s personality to learning styles

Stress management:

Managing and reducing stress goes a long way in better learning

Note-taking & revisions:

Tools for optimizing reading, understanding and comprehension

Exams & Test strategies:

Strategies for approaching and preparing for exams and tests

Focus & concentration:

Focus & concentration ensures that learning is optimized and is able to grasp things quickly and efficiently

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