Thinking Skills

Thinking or Cognitive Skills are related to skills related to thinking such as creative, critical, problem solving skills, etc.​

How does it help in well-being? Thinking skills helps to keep our minds sharp and fit. It helps us in making connections and reduce old age problems like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

How does it help in Learning & Performance? When thinking/cognitive skills are strong, learning is fast, easy, efficient and also fun. It helps us to read, think, prioritize, understand, plan, remember and solve problems.

Key Skills

Creative thinking:

It is a novel way of seeing/doing things to generate ideas, originality, etc

Critical thinking:

It is an ability to analyse information and experiences in an objective manner.

Lateral thinking:

Thinking differently from the usual is associated with lateral thinking thereby solving problems

Problem solving:

Solving problems is a key skills that is essential for personal success

Decision making:

Making decisions deals with constructively choosing different options and choices

Focus & concentration:

Focus & concentration helps in achieving milestones  

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